Frequently Asked Questions

Is my baby too young for the program?

Your baby is never too young for lullabies, songs and gentle touching rhymes. Parents attending with babies just weeks old have found value in learning songs and rhymes and being able to use them as baby grows. The benefits of music enriches your baby’s well being from their earliest days, emotionally, cognitively and socially with benefits building over time. Singing to your baby in particular can be an effective parenting tool to calm and soothe a fussy infant.

What is the age range of the children in each class?

Babies’ ages in the class range from 1 month to the 12 months. The program is specifically designed for babies in their first year.

I’m not musical and I do not have a good singing voice, will this be a problem in participating in the program?

It is not important how well you sing but rather that you do sing to your child. A child’s music education starts with the parents. Singing songs and modeling simple rhythms and rhymes is the very beginning of music education and requires no musical expertise or experience. Babies love it when their parent sings to them, it doesn’t matter what your voice sounds like!

Can registration be on a drop in basis?

Hush-a-Bye Babies is not a drop in program. It is a program of instruction and the design of the program is based on the learning taking place over a number of weeks.

Are the songs the same each Semester?

The program operates for a full school year with new songs and rhymes each session with the exception of a core group of a few favorite  pieces that are repeated each session.

 Would it be disruptive if I have to leave early or I arrive late or if I have to feed my baby during program time?

No, the program is very relaxed and the generous duration of the class allows for parents to come when they can and leave when they need to. The baby’s needs can be met during the course of the class; routinely babies need to be fed, changed or fall asleep. Parents can still take in the material being shared and practice the songs as they tend to their little ones.

Is there anything special that I need to bring to class?

You need only bring a small blanket to put on the mat in front of you to rest your baby on when we do diaper change type rhymes and songs.

Are both parents able to attend?
Both parents are welcome to attend but registration for both parents is required as the numbers of participants in a class is limited following COVID safe practices.
If a class is not full it is possible that an extra adult can be accommodated. Please inquire directly with Alice for possible accommodation.